Kristen Stewart alongside her 'Clouds of Sils Maria' co-stars attending the film's premiere at the Cannes Film Festival.
Robert Pattinson alongside his 'The Rover' co-stars attending the film's premiere at the Cannes Film Festival.
Kristen Stewart as Valentine in her new 2014 film 'Clouds of Sils Maria'.
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Robert Pattinson as Rey in his new 2014 film 'The Rover'.

'Stache'Rob + Fans in Chicago (October, 10)


Kristen arriving at LAX (11/10/2014)

I love Kristen’s short hair so much. She just looks so lovely ahhh

Kristen Stewart on The Tonight show with Jimmy Fallon over the years

Kristen Stewart leaving her hotel in New York, Oct 7th

"On an exceptionally obvious note, [Twilight]’s opened a lot of doors, but I’ve become who I am because of that. It was five years of my life." 

Kristen Stewart attends the premiere of Camp X-Ray in New York City, October 6th, 2014

hi! i saw the ask you just posted from an anon about rob's friends posting a pic that should be private and rob making 'unkind remarks concerning his relationship with Kristen' do you have any idea what your anon is talking about? i haven't seen any pics or heard anything unkind about his relationship with kristen. i feel like those 2 kinda just talk in vague sentences when it comes to anything about their personal lives — cantchooseadirection

Yeah I’m confused as well. I think it was sent a while ago. I also haven’t been completely on top of everything (as y’all know) so I really have zero clue.

Kristen Stewart arriving at Camp X-Ray in New York City

Why would Rob's friends post pictures that should be private? Not only will the paps be extrodinarely unkind to Kristen but he has put this girl in that position as we'll. But he has made unkind remarks concerning his relationship with Kristen wonder why he feels the need to always be unkind? The pregnancy rumors are flying already. The only one with any class here seems to be Kristen. The people who seem the strongest are the ones to hurt the most. Good luck on this mess. — Anonymous

I agree that he shouldn’t be bitter but like, Kristen did cheat on him?? So he has the complete right to feel upset and hurt.

Also I’m not entirely sure what this message is referencing exactly because I just noticed that I have over ten messages on here that I didn’t get notified about?? So if you sent this a while ago, my apologies


September 22, 2014, Rob and Tahliah in LA today.